Discovering Your Spiritual DNA

Untitled-1Discovering Your Spiritual DNA brings fresh insight and a new level of understanding regarding the unique spiritual makeup, personality traits and God-given abilities within every person. Using the seven spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible (in Romans 12:6-8) as a basis of understanding, the reader will discover:

  • Why you think and act the way you do
  • Why you relate to people the way you do
  • What are your primary and secondary gifts
  • The traits associated with each gift
  • The typical problem areas for each gift
  • How to use your gifts to bring you the most joy and fulfillment

The book contains a brief, easy-to-take self-assessment to help the reader pinpoint the strongest areas of their gift mixture as well their weaker areas. The insights and revelation contained in Discovering Your Spiritual DNA will greatly benefit any person seeking to find their real purpose for being here on this earth by bringing clarity to personal issues that have been muddied and by serving as a spiritual map that helps make the rest of their journey through life that much easier.